• We're the

    Shanghai Purls!

    Looking for a new hobby? Or you’ve always wanted to learn to knit? Or you’re a veteran knitter looking for a group and maybe some charity projects to knit? The Shanghai Purls is the group for you!


    Come join us to knit for charity and share a few laughs over beer every Sunday afternoon! It's FREE!


  • About Us

    We are the Shanghai Purls, a group of knitters (and crocheters) who want to do some good.

    Anyone is welcome to join, including those who have never knit before! We provide yarn and needles (though you are of course welcome to use your own) and can teach you all you need to know.

    If you would like to join us, please check our WeChat Group for details on where we are meeting! Just contact us through this form and we will add you to the group (If you do not have WeChat, contact us anyway! We will figure something out!)

  • Our Causes

    More than 600 angels, under 16 years old, are always in need of special care. We are knitting mainly hats for these kids but will also collect other items.

    We are making teddy bear clothes that will be sold for funds to help Children that need heart surgery.

    You can follow this knitting pattern or this crochet pattern!

    They also accept knitted squares which are assembled into blankets. These blankets are given to the children when they come to the hospital.

  • Join us!

    Scan to add Janet on WeChat, and ask to be added to the Shanghai Purls Group! No friend request necessary! :)

  • Resources

    Here are a few links to help you, in case you ever get stuck! :)

    Generally, knittinghelp.com is a great source of information and tutorial videos.

    Alternatively, you can always ask in our Shanghai Purls WeChat group (if you would like to join, plz contact us through the contact form - we will send you the latest QR to join).

    1. Getting started, aka how to cast on: Watch this video to teach you how to cast on (put your first set of stitches on your needles). Of course there are many ways to accomplish the same thing - but in case of doubt, this is a pretty good method.

    2. The knit stitch Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been able to join us for the meeting and you need a refresher in how to just keep knitting? Here are some videos on the knit stitch. I recommend watching the video on the English method (link here), which is the method we normally teach beginners - however, you may have knit a long time ago and learned a different method, so if that video looks “off” to you, try some of the others to see, if it sparks your memory! ;) If you are left-handed, the site recommends that you hold up a mirror next to the video and watch the video in the mirror. That’s how it should look if you knit as a leftie :)

    3. The purl stitch Just like with the knit stitch, there are several videos available and we recommend the one for the English method, but it is really up to you!

    4. Binding off So you are done knitting, but how do you “finish”? Watch one of these two videos to see how to do it! Don’t be intimidated! Binding off is very easy!